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Oct 2019

Firefighting Techniques Practiced

The Royal NZ Navy Sea Safety Training Squadron recently, and generously, spent time with Auckland Coastguard volunteers instructing them in firefighting techniques.

 Navy trainers coached the volunteers in a variety of methods to deal with a diverse number of fire scenarios. Our vessels are equipped with fire pumps and one particularly important method is the ‘water wall’ approach. The primary objective for Auckland Coastguard is to rescue people, not property, so this technique is used to evacuate casualties from a burning vessel.

 The use of foam extinguishers was also practiced. Firefighting foam is designed for burning liquids and is used to prevent fuel on the water from igniting. The firefighting foam used was Eco training foam and is not a threat to the environment. At the Navy training facility all firefighting water and training foam is captured and recycled so it doesn’t reach the environment.

 Our volunteers also underwent damage control training which is designed to teach them how to minimise the effect of a hull breach and reduce the water flow as much as possible.